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Chunina Marina Sergeevna, Postgraduate student, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia), E-mail: 

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Background. The development of Russian statehood at the present stage takes place in the context of endless democratic transformations and reforms. New public relations and institutions are being formed. A special role in this process is played by the judiciary, which currently performs not only the administration of justice, but also performs the function of judicial rule-making, the forms of which are judicial precedents and judicial practice of the highest judicial instances. Meanwhile, to date, a unified concept of judicial rule-making in Russia has not been developed, it needs theoretical substantiation, a comprehensive study of theories and doctrines of fatherland scientists, including the pre-revolutionary period. The purpose of the work is to analyze the main ideas about judicial rule-making in pre-revolutionary Russia (1864–1917).
Materials and methods. The implementation of research tasks was achieved on the basis of the analysis of scientific works of domestic lawyers of the pre-revolutionary and modern period, affecting the stated problems, as well as the legal provisions of the regulatory legal acts of the designated period. The methodological basis of the study consists of formal-legal, comparative-legal and historical methods, which allow to compare the content of views, ideas about judicial rule-making in the researching period, their origin and development in specific historical conditions.
Results. The development of ideas about judicial rule-making in the Russian Empire of the pre-revolutionary period was studied, the views of supporters and opponents of the recognition of judicial practice as one of the sources of fatherland law were analyzed.
Conclusions. Studying the problem of judicial rule-making in pre-revolutionary Russia leads to the conclusion that the judicial reform of 1864 strengthened the position of the judicial branch of power as an independent and independent force. In this regard, the doctrine of the existence of judicial rule-making began to be of interest to prominent representatives of the legal science of the time, an analysis of the works of which allows us to state that judicial practice did not receive legislative consolidation as a source of law, but nevertheless acted as a regulator of public relations, replenishing gaps in the current legislation. 

Key words

source of law, judicial rule-making, act of judicial rule-making, judicial practice, judicial precedent, explanations of the Senate 

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